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Black Tortoise Tattoo Co.

     The Black Tortoise is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations.  it is often depicted as a tortoise entwined with a snake. In East Asia, it is not called after either animal but is instead known as the "Black Warrior" or "Warrior of the North". The Black Tortoise is known as Xuan Wu in Chinese, Hyeonmu in Korean, Genbu in Japanese, and Huyền Vũ in Vietnamese and it represents the north and also the winter season. In Japan, the Black Tortoise is one of the four guardian spirits that protect Kyoto. Represented by the Genbu Shrine, which is located north of Kyoto Imperial Palace. The creature's name is identical to that of the important Taoist god Xuan Wu, who is sometimes portrayed in the company of a tortoise and snake.

     We at Black Tortoise Tattoo believe in excellence and strive for perfection. Courteous, knowledgeable, and dedicated professionals with a desire to create works of art that you can proudly show off, Black Tortoise Tattoo is your custom alternative to the "pick and stick", "run of the mill" tattoo shops. At Black Tortoise Tattoo we believe in creating a "one of a kind" tattoo that not only looks great, but also flows well with the body.


     In order to ensure our clients receive the tattoos that they deserve, we treat every idea with the utmost care. (After all, this is PERMANENT) Every tattoo starts with a consultation, where we carefully lay the foundation for a great tattoo. A little extra time in design will ensure a quality end product. Like the fabled, "Tortoise vs. the Hare" we at Black Tortoise Tattoo never rush and are steadily moving forward until we are satisfied with a winning piece.









     Black Tortoise Tattoo would also PLEASE like to ask, that you NOT bring your CHILDREN into the studio with you. This is an ADULT friendly environment and we strive to provide the most relaxing atmosphere possible for our clients, while simultaneously maintaining focus where we NEED it... ON OUR CRAFT.


                                                                        Thank You!


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